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Timeline of the Fall

A lot of things happened that lead up to the events of Ruins of War, It wasn’t something that happened overnight. As a matter of fact, it’s something that spanned a long amount of time. For instances, the events of Secrets of Darkness, which take place in 2006, though not directly connected, was a start to some of the future events.

If you had to pinpoint a single event that was the “start” of the Fall of the American States and the start of the supernaturals coming out of hiding, it would have to be the Start of the second Civil War that started in June of 2020. This war lasted for five years, ending in August 2025.

After the war the economy began to crash. It took two years for a Senator to come up with an idea that would help get back some of the money needed to rebuild the American States, and another two years for the plan to go into effect.

On December 1, 2029, the state of Alaska went up for auction, and on March 10, 2030 Alaska was sold to Canada. The next state went up for sale in 2032 and in December of 2033, only four years after the start of the plan, the state of Oregon went up for sale.

It would take nearly two years for Oregon’s sale to be finalized and in that time both Washington and California referendum and secedes from the American States. On October 12, 2035, Oregon is finally sold and the vampires are the first species to come out of hiding.

In the coming years, the shifters, werewolves, and dragons would come out as well. Then in April of 2043 Utah declares war against the dragon state, Liri, and three months later several other human parties declare war against the supernaturals. This leads to the vampires coming together to try and find a way to co-exist with the humans and for the humans to co-exist with the other species.

By the end of 2043, the Co-Existence Program is put into effect, which leads to March of 2044, when Double-Edged War begins and the start of this program goes into play.

Where will this go and how will all of this end? Well, you’ll have to continue reading and checking out the website to find out.

A more detailed timeline can be found in the Bonus Material section of our site.

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