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Ruins of War

Peace is never as easy as war, and one misstep could send the world spiraling into a conflict the no-longer-united American States might not survive.

Welcome to the New World


Year 2044 –

The world isn’t the one you grew up in.


Things have changed.


Things are still changing.

June of 2020—conflict balloons out of control, sending the United States of America spiraling into a bloody Civil Uprising. For five years, the death toll climbs. As the Uprising finally comes to a conclusion, America is left whole, but hurting. The economy devastated, falling into a depression to exceed any before it, uncertainty reigns. Until a revolutionary plan proposed from Senator Therner in December 2029 parcels out the United States in hopes of raising funding.


States would be sold off to anyone willing to pay, inhabitants relocating to areas with economies only slightly stronger.


But when Oregon is sold in 2035, the American States, no longer united, it is not the biggest shock.


All you thought you knew about the world is wrong.


We are not alone.


And we are not the predators.


Explore the world as it is now, but be prepared.


You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Books in this Series

After a civil war twenty years earlier decimated the United States economy, the crumbling nation has enough to deal with. So, when the King of a hidden people steps into the light and the monsters of legend turn out to be more than a myth, the disintegrating nation is presented with a whole new set of issues.


Kaelin, a human living in the new but not better America, is given the chance to participate in the Coexistence Project to prove humans and vampires can live together in harmony. Orphaned as a child, he has bounced, unwanted, from one home to another, trying to survive in a world that’s already proven that the real monsters live down the hall.


Prince Endymion wants to get away. Away from the father who abandoned him as a child. Away from the new Kingdom-State he thought could make everything better. So when his cousin Prince Aldis, heir to the throne, assigns him to the Human Transfer Program, a part of the Coexistence Project, it’s just one more obstacle to fleeing.


But peace is never as easy as war. One misstep could send the two nations spiraling into a conflict that the no-longer-united States might not survive.

Brink of War

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Shift in War

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Phase of War

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Road to War

Description Coming Soon

Peace in War

Description Coming Soon

End in War

Description Coming Soon

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