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About the Authors

Kaylie Lanshaw

Kaylie Lanshaw is an author. She has been writing for three years. After coming to life when her two parts became one in a creative writing class.

The pen name, is a combination of her two parts put together. Kayla Langmaid and Tiffanie Shaw.


Kayla Langmaid

Kayla Langmaid is an author who lives at home with her ten million cats, and smells like McDonalds because it's all she eats. Except sometimes Burger King's fries and Subway's salads. She is an active member of the Michigan Flint Area Writers. 


When she isn't working, she is attempting to kidnap two children. If you spot her with an adorable nineteen-month-old or a sweet nine-year-old, please contact their mother, and Kayla's friend, Tiffanie.


Kayla is currently plotting world domination, and on the side, working on the Bound in Blood and Shadows series. Novels that are sucking out her soul, one by one, but it'll be worth it.




Tiffanie Shaw

Tiffanie Shaw has her degree in Mental Health specializing in Child Development, with a minor in Early Childhood Education. She puts her degrees to work in her young adult and new adult fantasy writings. Though she has been known to venture off into other genres from time to time.


She is an active member of the Michigan Flint Area Writers, and has been published in the anthology Out of the Green.


When she isn't working or spending time with her two children, she is jotting down what the voices in her head are saying. Those voices are plotting out Bound in Blood and Shadows. The dystopian series about the fall of the United States and the coming out a hidden species who have lived among us for years. 


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