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The Stories - Past, Present, Future

The Bound in Blood and Shadows world includes multiple stories and spans a very long length of time. Currently, there are multiple series in the world, along with several stand-alone stories.

The first series, Ruins of War, starts in March of the year 2044. It follows the fall of the American States after a war. Currently, there are eight books planned for this series. The first, Double-Edged War was published in 2018. The second book, Brink of War, is in the editing stages and hopefully will be released soon. After that we have three more in the works, all in various stages of writing, many a first rough draft completed though.

The second series, Slaves of Peace, takes place in the year 2054. It follows the characters from Ruins of War, focusing on side characters and our main characters from Ruins of War, who have grown in those ten years that have passed. Currently, there is six books in this series. All of them have been written in rough form, but with the multiple changes to the Ruins of War series, these books will change as well.

The third and four series, Secrets of Darkness and Child of Death, both take place before the events of Ruins of War. Secrets of Darkness starts in 2006 and Child of Death takes place long before and in a different realm. They are both currently with three stories each in them.

Along with these four main series there are multiple stand-alone stories. Some full-length novels, some novellas and some just short stories. They take place through-out the Bound in Blood and Shadows timeline. (The earliest so far taking place around 1978).

With so many stories and so much going on… the Bound and Blood and Shadows Chronicles will have plenty to work with. Keep in mind some of these stories are only ideas floating around and aren’t anything major in the works just yet, but there is plenty to work with in this world and hopefully you’ll be seeing these characters for a long time.

As always, check back on the website for updates! We’ll be adding a section in the Bonus Materials that list off which books are in the making, all titles and stories are subject to change as the world becomes clearer.

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