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World Leaders

After the human war the United States began selling off land. At first other countries were the ones to purchase these lands, but then other species stepped up; the vampires, the werewolves, the shifters, the dragons.

These other species built their own government and their own little world right inside of those borders. But each species has their own type of government, and in this blog, we'll discuss a little bit about each one.

Sidrea - The Vampires - The vampires were the first species to step forward and take land as their own to form their own country. The vampires are ruled by a king, King Raheem. Though he has a council of advisers, the final word about all rules and decisions about the kingdom are made by him. Below him are his children, Prince and Two Princesses. Once the King steps down the throne will go to the next in line, his oldest son, Prince Aldis.

Liri - The Dragons - Much like the vampires, the dragons are run by a king, King Fadri. They run their kingdom very similar to the vampires in they have a council of people who offer advice but the fine say lays on the king. Once he steps down the kingdom will be passed down to one of his sons.

Canvi - The Shifters - Overseeing the kingdom of shifters is Emperor Iniko. He is in charge of the whole kingdom. Unlike the vampires and dragons though, he normally only handles large issues. Canvi is divided into four sections, the "feline" land, the "canine" land, the "small" land, and the "big" land. Each section is run by it's own leader. Fleta in the feline land. Karida in the canine lane. Caine in the smalls land and Derring in he bigs land. These four make the rules and govern their sections as they see fit. Emperor Iniko is allowed to step in and override them if need by.

Lluna - The Werewolves - The kingdom of Lluna is divided into two packs. The North pack who is run by their Alpha Koen and the South pack who is run by their Alpha Vila. The packs alpha can be challenged any time and control over the packs can shift if the alpha is defeated.

So now you know a bit about the governing bodies of the Ruins of War world. This information and more about the Leaders will be posted in the Bonus Material section soon. And keep reading... more species and more governing types will be showing up the future books.

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