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Author Interview - Tiffanie Shaw

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Tiffanie, spelled with an -ie which everyone gets wrong but I love. During the school year, I'm a Teaching Assistant for a HeadStart Preschool and during the summer I work for a behavioral health place as a group assistant. I love working with children and enjoy going from preschool all the way up to middle school throughout my year. At home, I have a husband who is mostly supportive, until I get way too pulled into my writing and stop paying attention to him. I also have two girls, eleven and three (almost twelve and four), who take up a good deal of my time as well. I have my Associates Degree in Mental Health, specializing in Child Development, which I love putting into my work.

Tell me about your novels?

I am published under the pseudonym Kaylie Lanshaw with my friend, Kayla. Our first book, Double-Edged War was published back in March of 2018. It's two books, one from each of the main characters POV. You can read one and get part of the story, or both and get the full story... as they know it.

I'm also published in an anthology called, Out of the Green. My story in there, See You at 7 was my first attempt at a fairy story.

I am currently working on my own novel called, Mine, which will be out soon. Along with several other pieces that I need to get together so I can get them published.

What made you start writing?

I have always loved to read, even at a young age I have had a book in hand. When I was eleven, my friends and I got into a fight. I'm not super sure what happened... but I was so angry I wrote a story about it. A "non-fiction" about how it "really" happened. I hand wrote out four copies, one for each of us and gave a copy to each of them.

Needless to say... they thought it was a hilarious version, though wrong given I wrote myself innocent of everything, and wanted me to write something else.

It went downhill from there... LOL. Next was a romance between two kids who wanted to be together and couldn't.