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Author Interview - Tiffanie Shaw

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Tiffanie, spelled with an -ie which everyone gets wrong but I love. During the school year, I'm a Teaching Assistant for a HeadStart Preschool and during the summer I work for a behavioral health place as a group assistant. I love working with children and enjoy going from preschool all the way up to middle school throughout my year. At home, I have a husband who is mostly supportive, until I get way too pulled into my writing and stop paying attention to him. I also have two girls, eleven and three (almost twelve and four), who take up a good deal of my time as well. I have my Associates Degree in Mental Health, specializing in Child Development, which I love putting into my work.

Tell me about your novels?

I am published under the pseudonym Kaylie Lanshaw with my friend, Kayla. Our first book, Double-Edged War was published back in March of 2018. It's two books, one from each of the main characters POV. You can read one and get part of the story, or both and get the full story... as they know it.

I'm also published in an anthology called, Out of the Green. My story in there, See You at 7 was my first attempt at a fairy story.

I am currently working on my own novel called, Mine, which will be out soon. Along with several other pieces that I need to get together so I can get them published.

What made you start writing?

I have always loved to read, even at a young age I have had a book in hand. When I was eleven, my friends and I got into a fight. I'm not super sure what happened... but I was so angry I wrote a story about it. A "non-fiction" about how it "really" happened. I hand wrote out four copies, one for each of us and gave a copy to each of them.

Needless to say... they thought it was a hilarious version, though wrong given I wrote myself innocent of everything, and wanted me to write something else.

It went downhill from there... LOL. Next was a romance between two kids who wanted to be together and couldn't.

My first fantasy was a vampire who went to school with a human girl and fell in love, but couldn't love her because he'd drain her.

No, it wasn't Twilight, they didn't sparkle, and it was horribly written.

Where there any teachers who have influenced your writing?

All of my English teachers have been a huge part in my life, but it was Doc, my psychology teacher who helped me make my characters more realist. And it was Dr. Samarco, in college who helped me become super serious about finishing stories. His class was where I meet Kayla and where Double-Edged War was born... then it was a short story that was squeezed into twenty pages, from each of us, that really needed to be more.

Also, if it wasn't for Nancy in college, I would have never found my writing group, Flint Area Writers, who have done a TON to help me get serious about my stuff.

Where there any writers who have influenced your writing?

The first fantasy book I read was The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause. I was so drawn by her book that I looked for our libraries other books about vampires and found Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde. I loved those two books so much... when I left middle school my librarian gave them to me since I had checked them out so many times.

To this day, Vivian Vande Velde is my favorite author. She's one of the few who I still purchase her book on release day, no matter how much money I have... or often enough, don't have.

I am also very influenced by other Indie Writers. My friend, Ravyn, published a book when we were in high school and I loved her book so much I was so excited to see it in print. I kept thinking, mine will be next!

What challenges have you came across in writing?

Trying to just accept that my work isn't horrible. Author's are the worst critiques of their own work, and for someone who has a very low imagine for themselves and who already believe everything they do is trash... sometimes it's hard to get over that and trust others who tell me what parts are good and what parts need work.

And time... working full time and a mother sometimes I can't get time, or energy, to write. I'm hoping to get better at this but... someone add a couple more hours to my day for me please.

Who is your favorite character from all of your stories? Or the one that has stuck with you?

I could write a blog just on this. My characters are all my children. I hear them in my head. I see them in my dreams. There isn't one that I can pick to say, this is my favorite all the time. Honestly, like real children, sometimes they drive me insane. Normally my favorite is the one I'm currently working on their story for, because it's the one I feel the most connected with at that time.

I have a soft spot for my character, Salem, and I always will. There are personal reasons for that, that maybe released at some point. But if I am ever forced to pick just one... it always goes back to him. (No offense everyone else).

What do you love most about the writing process?

Getting to know my characters. Growing up many of them were friends. People I talked to and trusted. I'd write myself into stories and have whole conversations with them to get over issues I couldn't speak out with my other friends. Because of this I always love meeting new characters and seeing their story unfold.

This of course is also a hindrance sometimes, as I see something happening in their story, that they aren't willing to do.

What do you hate the most about the writing process?

Editing. I know most people like this part, but I dislike it. Not that I don't want to edit, just I dislike having to write the same thing multiple times to try and get it right. Normally I just do little sections at a time and when I get too irritated... I walk away and work on something else.

What can we expect for the future?

I hope more books. I'm working on several things; Brink of War, Mine, Knowing... to name a few.

Where can we purchase your books from and get updated on your newest works?

You can purchase our books from Amazon, or from the website and we'll sign them for you. There is also a ton of bonus stuff on the website because... well.. I like having a ton of details and I like others knowing them. (Most of them)

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