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Take a Peek: Where Will You Go

Back in 2005 I started a novel about a young boy named Ace. It has been a long road getting this written, but Ace hasn't been the most cooperative. It's a complex story with several pieces and leads into two more books that are just as complex, so I want to assure that each book is written correct and understandable.

What is it about you ask? Well, let me tell you!

It's been three years since Kadin found Ace in that alley. Covered in ash and smelling of smoke, he had no memory, not even a name. Kadin took him in and raised him like his own son. During the day, Kadin hunted the evil supernaturals of the world.

Even at fifteen, Ace had a hatred for vampires he couldn't place and a desire to help his adopted father protect the world around him.

Everything was perfect.

Until flashes of memory start to return, and everything he thought he knew is turning out to be false.

Where will you go, when there's no one left to save you from yourself?

Where Will You Go. Book One of Secrets of Darkness.

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