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What's the Hold Up?

I know, I know. It's now July and there is no Book Two yet. Sure we've mention it and talked about it and updated you and even released a sample bit... but let's be honest, you are probably all going, "It's been over a year guys! What's the hold up?"

Well... let me start by saying, "Yes. We are working on it. We are sorry it's taken so long we didn't expect it to."

At the time of Book One's release, we had Book Two draft one completed. We didn't think it would take long for edits and revision work. We planned for a year, but hoped to have it out in six months. The problem... I ended up in a funk. (I being Tiffanie). For almost three months... I wrote like ten words, in everything I had been working on. Every time I tried to write something it just felt... empty. Nothing came to me. I have several pieces I'm working on but nothing was coming to me.

So everything stopped. By the time I finally got back into writing, Kayla had begun working on her own piece and was fully emerged into that. So I began re-reading Book Two. When Kayla started re-reading we started noticing a few things we wanted to change. Some stuff that made sense when we first wrote it, didn't now. Plots changed, people became important, or unimportant. Events happened sooner than we thought... or later... and so we began revision.

But it was slow going. Both of us worked. Kayla had her own piece and I started my own piece. Book Two was put on hold for a bit.

No fear though guys, we are working on it and will have it out to you as soon as possible.

Until then...

Our next blog will be the Cover Reveals of Book Two!

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