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The Story Depends on Who is Telling It...

I love to read. I love to write. I am, by nature, curious. While reading I always find myself wondering how other characters are seeing the story. How other people are reading this story. What facts are they picking up on that I am missing.

When we first decided to write Double-Edged War together, Kayla and I decided we didn’t want to just hear one side. A nation was divided. Supernatural creatures were out in the world. War was upon them. And as many of you know, war is told differently depending on where you are. Winners will tell it one way, losers will tell it the other. We wanted to hear both sides.

It wouldn’t do the story justice to put both sides in one book. They were important enough to have their own. We wanted people to see, reading one side would make you think certain things about certain characters. Reading one side would give you a glimpse into the life of one character and a more in depth look into another. Together you might find a better understanding of the whole.

That’s why we decided to write two separate books for each book in the series. To give our readers the chance to see a bigger picture. To relate more to the characters, to feel for both sides. Because there is always two sides to a story. We want our readers to be able to walk away feeling as if they knew the truth.

When perhaps… maybe they didn’t really know the truth at all… maybe two sides of a story isn’t enough to show you a full picture?

Only time, and the next several novels, will tell. Did having both sides of Double-Edge War help you see the big picture of what’s going on? Or did we give you just enough to think you do?

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