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Kingdom Spotlight - Liri

Welcome back to another Kingdom Spotlight!

Today we visit the Dragon Kingdom-State of Liri. Liri, formally Colorado, was one of the last states to be sold before 2044. It was purchased by the dragons on April 30, 2040 and renamed Liri July 29.

With the announcement dragons being real many people began to panic. There were large outcries about fire breathing lizards living next door to humans. Unlike the vampires, the dragons live different from the humans. Instead of large cities, Liri is composed of mainly small towns with clans of thirty to forty dragons. There are a few larger towns but nothing over a hundred dragons. In some spots there are even less than that. Liri is known for their abundant collection of caves. Several clans live near each other in these systems but not together.

Liri is governed by King Fadri. Fadri’s leadership is often seen two ways. Some believe his is wise and brave for coming out like the other species. Others believe him foolish for putting the dying race in harm’s way.

On April 5, 2043, the state of Utah declared war against Liri, claiming that the dragons were secretly killing them off in order to take over the land. This uprising sparked fear in the other States and humans everywhere worried the supernaturals would wipe out the humans, which led to the remaining States wanting to go to war with all supernaturals.

It was Prince Aldis of Sidrea, President Taylor, and the Nevada government that came up with the Co-Existence Project that promised to show the species could live together without the need for war. Because of this agreement, Liri is holding ground and waiting to see what happens next.

If you want to know what will happen, be on the look out for Book Two of Ruins of War, Brink of War. And to see how it started pick up Book One. Double-Edged War. And remember, as always, there is two sides of each story, so check out both Book Ones, Double-Edged War: Holding Ground and Double-Edged War: Taking Flight.

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