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To The Readers

I don't know how many of you have heard the news... Our first novel, Double-Edged War, has been out for a little under a month and we have sold 98 Kindle Copies and 12 Paperback Bundles. All three books are in the top 450 in Kindle ranking for it's genre but one of them is in the top 100! We are so excited and want to thank our readers for everything. Thank you for buying. Thank you for reading. We ask that you review them as well. We did not expect all of this and we never would have been able to get this far without our readers.

Book Two is in the process of it's second stage editing and hopefully be ready for Beta Readers soon. We are trying to get Book Two out before the end of the year. Thank you again everyone for such great support!

You can still pick up your copies today! At Amazon or from us for your signed copies and a great deal on both books. ALSO! Stay tuned for news on when you can come see us in person. We'll be doing an event in Flint, Michigan with another amazing writer and you'll get the chance to pick up our book and her book, which is another fantastic read!

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