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After a civil war twenty years earlier decimated the United States economy, the crumbling nation has enough to deal with. So, when the King of a hidden people steps into the light and the monsters of legend turn out to be more than a myth, the disintegrating nation is presented with a whole new set of issues.


Kaelin, a human living in the new but not better America, is given the chance to participate in the Coexistence Project to prove humans and vampires can live together in harmony. Orphaned as a child, he has bounced, unwanted, from one home to another, trying to survive in a world that’s already proven that the real monsters live down the hall.


But peace is never as easy as war. One misstep could send the two nations spiraling into a conflict that the no-longer-united States might not survive.


Bound in Blood and Shadows Chronicles

Ruins of War Series

Book One


** Want to see the other side of the story purchase Double-Edged War: Holding Ground. **


** Want Both sides buy the packaged deal and save! **

Double-Edged War: Taking Flight (Signed Copy)

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