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Take a Peek: Knowing

After I finish up Mine, a F/F fantasy, I will finish a collect of three short stories which will be published together in a novella length book which will be called, Knowing, these stories will feature three characters whose lives are entangled with each other.

The first story, All You Knew, is about Kayson. A young healer whose powers bring pain and terror to his life.

The second story, Once You Know, is about Tamah. Placed into an impossible situation, Tamah must make a choice between happiness or protection for her and her family.

The last story, If You Had Known, is about Darren. A medical student with a secret that helps his career but can also destroy it. When someone comes into the hospital his life is thrown into a situation that’ll throw his life onto a new path.

Currently, I’m in the final editing stages of All You Knew. Once You Know is about halfway finished in it’s first draft and If You Had Known is in the early stages of being written. These stories are darken then most of my work and is for 18 and over.

More information coming soon! Check our website regularly for more updates!

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