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Thank the God(s)

If you’ve read Double-Edged War, you will see Endymion say, “Thank the gods.” In a world full of vampires and dragons, there are, indeed, different God or Goddess that they worship. Vampires have one god that they worship, often known as Dracula to humans. Though that isn’t his true name. So then, if there is only one vampire god does Endymion say, “Thank the gods” with the added s.

The reason behind this is because Endymion and his family often went to church with the witches before they came out. The witches worship multiple gods and goddesses. Witches, you will find in later stories, often Thank their Gods or Goddesses. Endymion has more connection to the witches’ deities than he does his own. Who are these Gods and Goddesses?

Let me give you a quick run-down of the main ones. There are others.

First is the God of the Vampires – Braxton. As I mentioned earlier, he is often referred to as Dracula in human lures.

Next is the Dragons. They have a Triad of Gods and Goddesses. The main one is the God of Air – Aloysius. Below him are the God of Fire and the Goddess of Ice.

As mentioned earlier there are several Gods and Goddess that the witches’ worship. The main being the Goddess of Magic – Juliana.

And the ruler of Hell? Their name is Cimeries. Humans refer to them as Satan. The ruler of Heaven, or “God” as the humans refer is named Sayta. Below them are other leaders, though not really fellow Gods and Goddesses.

So why is this important? Well, later down the road… readers might be running into a couple of these Gods and Goddesses or perhaps others who haven’t been named. If you want to go find out more, there will be a list in the Bonus Material Coming Soon. Try to see if you can guess who will show up in the series.

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