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Take a Peek... Mine by Tiffanie Shaw

One half of Kaylie Lanshaw, Tiffanie, is working on a story that takes place in the same world as the Bound in Blood and Shadows Chronicles. This story takes place many years before the first book in the Ruins of War Series: Double-Edged War. It’s a stand-alone novel that doesn’t involve any of the characters already seen.

Mina, a nineteen-year-old dragon shifter, belongs to Luther. She’s a dancer at his club, The Finale, along with several other girls, shifters, humans, dragons. But Mina is more than that, she’s also an assassin. The best of Luther’s girls. In the six years that Mina has been his possession she’s never failed him. Until now. When a mark escapes, and a fellow girl refuses to entertain a client, Mina and the others find themselves in trouble.

Calli, a nineteen-year-old witch hybrid, belongs to Bishop. Breed and raised from birth to be his optimal weapon, she’s never failed him. Finding herself on the opposite end of a mark, Calli encounters Mina. Instead of killing her, as Calli should, she’s drawn to Mina. Having never wanted for anything in her life, Calli suddenly desires more than what she has.

Alone, both girls must find a way to break the chains holding them. Together, they must find what is drawing them to each other.

Mine, a fantasy LGBT romance, will be published later this year.

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