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In Search of Good Homes

In writing Ruins of War, we’ve came across some amazing characters. Some play rather important parts and others have moments of greatness and then… just sort of… are there. We were discussing how to drop these characters off without them just falling away forever, in case they are needed later in other stories. This led to a rather funny agreement/argument, which is probably confusing to hear while walking through Wal-mart. We realized they need to have a spot to go that makes sense and maybe just briefly mention then from time to time.

Perhaps not just handing them off to the first person they meet… or some random prostitute… but somewhere they can be safe and grow, off page, until they are needed once more.

Because of this, we are searching for new homes for some of our secondary characters. (And no, FBI who are clearly monitoring us for our strange search history, we aren’t really selling people).

For Sale:

  • One cat who isn’t a cat all of the time

  • Three dogs… who aren’t dogs all the time

  • Two girls, one who isn’t always a girl (Wow I’m noticing a type…)

  • Two kids, one boy, one girl… perhaps a third boy we’re not sure yet how that plays out

  • One demon

  • One witch

  • One vampire band member. You may need to take in the whole band, they go well together.

  • And perhaps another vampire, I’m not sure how much longer I can handle Endymion for…

If interested, contact us and we can discuss pricing. Or just be on the look out for the rest of the Ruins of War series and the Bound in Blood and Shadows chronicles to see what happens to them.

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