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Co-Existence Project

In Double-Edged War, you hear about the Exchange Program, which is part of the Co-Existence Project, but what is it? Why was it started?

Soon after the species began to purchase land, the humans worried about their safety. The leaders of the American States, met up with the other species officials. The Co-Existence Program was put together in order to try and form peace between the lands. Prince Aldis went on behalf of the vampires and assured the human leaders the species could live together and help each other out. Vampires need human blood to live, the humans need money and resources to rebuild. From their first meeting came the Exchange Program.

When the dragons bought Colorado, the humans decided that was the tipping point. First the vampire, then the werewolves and shifters, and now dragons? It was too much, too fast. At first there were protests and civil conversations between government officials to find solutions.

But then it escalated and Utah declared war against the Kingdom-State of Liri. Prince Aldis is finding more ways to build peace between the species and is trying to allow a co-existence between all.

What comes next for the Co-Existence Project? With war in Utah now and the dragons fighting back… what’s to come? How will the species and humans interact from this point?

Found out in Book Two of Ruins of War.

Brink of War Coming Soon!

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