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Take a Peek... En Pointe, by Kady Ellis

I know, I know, Kady Ellis is not Kaylie Lanshaw. But she is half of her!

I’ve been working hard (or hardly working, depending on who you ask) on a new series of books. Since they are Contemporary M/M romances, I didn’t quite feel comfortable publishing them under the same alias as Ruins of War. If you are expecting vampires and dragons and end up with a sexy former-Seal-turned-bodyguard and a trust-fund brat, you might be a bit disappointed. So, I created a new pen name, Kady Ellis, and started writing. And writing. And now I’ve got one book nearly finished and plans for half-a-dozen more…

Gage Tucker used to be an Army Ranger, until a roadside bomb in Afghanistan left him trying to put the pieces of his life—and his body—back together. He joins Eagle Security, founded by an old military buddy, and uses the skills he’s honed to do what he does best—protect people. Being a Personal Security Officer is different from the grit and heat and sands he was used to as a soldier, but he knows it’s better than the alternative. Without this job, he knows he’d end up little better than his drunk of a father.

Shiloh Beckett is the spoiled, bratty son of Anthony Beckett, the founder of Beckett Industries, which is the sole proprietor of BeckTech. Shiloh has pink hair and piercings and a knack for getting himself in sticky situations. He’s been on more tabloid covers than most pop stars. But Shiloh is more than just the party-boy persona he wears like a mask. He dreams of dancing on more than just tables. More than anything, he dreams of being safe.

When a stalker starts leaving threatening letters, Gage is hired to to keep Shiloh out of danger—which is hard to do when Shiloh is a magnet for trouble. Gage is convinced that what Shiloh needs isn’t a bodyguard, it’s a babysitter. Shiloh is convinced that Gage cares more about keeping him out of the press than out of danger.

Both of them will need to put aside their prejudices and work together to keep Shiloh safe, because his stalker is more dangerous than either of them know. Can Gage learn to look beneath Shiloh’s bratty exterior to see the scared, hurt man beneath? Can Shiloh learn to put his faith in Gage to keep him safe?

En Pointe, Book One of The Halfway Hearts series, will be coming soon!!

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