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Brink of War - Updates

Happy February Everyone!

We here at Bound in Blood and Shadows. Have been working hard, not only on Book Two in the Ruins of War series, but also on the rest of the series and on the series that continues after this. Our authors, Tiffanie and Kayla, have been working on their own projects as well, all things you will be hearing about in due time.

I'm sure what you all want to know though... When is Book Two coming out?

Well, we hoped to have it ready for March, but we ran into a few snags along the way. The more we write and grow, the more we learn about the characters and realize what parts are important to the story. So, Book Two Brink of War is written and completed, but now we are editing. Adding pieces, taking pieces out, rearranging some things. All stuff to improve the story.

We thank everyone for holding on with us and waiting so patiently for this book to be released. We have covers, which are amazing and will be revealed soon. In the coming weeks we will be working to pull Brink of War together and prepare it for beta readers. After that, it'll only be a matter of time before it will be in the hands of our fans!

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