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Valentine's Day 2044

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And we here at Bound in Blood and Shadows want to celebrate! Because we love you so much, we are going to give you a little something to prepare you for Book Two Brink of War!

Before that though, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day, 2044. Like the other holidays, this one isn’t celebrated as big and glorious as it is now.

Unlike many of the others, the spirit of the holiday is still there. This holiday has become a day of love and understanding. Not just with each other though, but with other species. Humans who are for the peace and co-existing with the supernaturals go out and protest. There are annual marches across many major cities asking for love and kindness.

There are still the small-scale love between your partner events going on, but the market has been toned down from that. No more large hearts, red balloons, and baby cupids in diapers floating around.

Surprisingly, or not maybe, the sales of flowers and chocolates are still the highest on this day. I guess somethings just don’t change, huh?

As for the supernaturals? Valentine’s hasn’t changed for those that celebrate it. Gifts for loved ones, romantic gestures and words of peace and understanding are spread among them as well.

Now, for our gift to you.. Click the link below to find a sample of Book Two.

And don’t worry.

We have a little extra for you!

Enjoy it here!

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