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Interview - General Stillman

Monday, May 16, 2044 Washington, D.C – Set of Brighter Tomorrow

Two cream loveseats sit facing each other, separated by a small glass coffee table. A live audience waits expectantly. Ashley Cohen is in a slim-fitting green sheathe dress with a sedate gold belt. Beside her, Grayson Carter sits in a blue pinstriped suit.

The camera zooms out. The audience claps. An older man sits on the second loveseat. Dressed in a navy-blue suit, he leans against the couch as if he owns it. His eyes are on Grayson.

Ashley: Welcome back. We have been joined by the General of the First United Troop of Utah, General Stillman. We’ll be getting his thoughts on the war between Liri and Utah. Discuss the role of the First United Troop of Utah and the allegation made by the American military that state militias have no authority to operate internationally, and get his thoughts on the Co-Existence Project. Thank you for joining us, General. How --

Grayson: [Interrupts] Thank you for coming. I know you must be busy with the war, we appreciate you taking the time to come set some things straight about the war.

General Stillman smiles at Grayson. Ashley shifts uncomfortably, glances off stage.

General Stillman: Thank you for having me. I am always happy to talk to people who want to know the truth about the monsters that threaten our States.

Ashley: Monsters seem awfully specist, General. I believe they –

General Stillman: I don’t care what they believe. This whole show they are putting on about “peace” is just a scam for them to get control over us.

Grayson: I can’t agree more. Their so called “Co-Existence” program in Sidrea is obviously a ploy to get free food sources.

Ashley: The Co-Existence Project has been carefully evaluated for safety and there has been no issues reported so far. Isn’t it possible, General, that your pessimism is unfounded?

General Stillman: How can we trust that they would report on issues? If they were honest about their intentions we’d never allow humans to go across the border. What kind of people would allow a child to go unprotected into hostile land to be preyed on?

Ashley: There are several safe guards in place, including, mandatory weekly check ins by social workers, daily reports, and –

General Stillman: All things that we expect those monsters to be truthful about. There is no accountability on their end. We are supposed to take their word, but we’ve seen what kind of power they have. The leeches –

Ashley: General! This is a family show and I must ask –

Greyson: He was just referencing to them as many people do. It’s hardly an uncommon phrase.

Ashley: It’s a vulgar term. What about the statement by the American Military denouncing the First United Troop of Utah as “very nearly a terrorist organization” with “ties to known violence perpetuating groups?”

General Stillman: The American government is unable to protect their remaining States, so they are upset when we step in and protect our people. The west coast is being over run by these creatures. Before long they will take over the east coast and the President will be begging for our help.

Ashley: There’s been no reports of violence by any non-human against humans, what makes you so certain that it will occur?

General Stillman: There was a string of deaths in Nevada just last month that were caused by leeches.

Ashley: There has been absolutely no evidence found connecting those deaths to any non-human. I believe the police are currently looking at a human suspect.

General Stillman: Of course you would believe everything those creatures want you to.

Greyson: [smirks] It’s so hard for some people to see the truth, even if it’s right in their face. Have you found it difficult dealing with people who aren’t able to see the seriousness of the situation?

General Stillman: I’ve accepted that some people just can’t be helped. Instead, I spend my time with those who want to protect the human race. As a matter of fact, I have a meeting with a wealthy business man next week who wants to give me his full support… I can’t give you his name of course. [smiles]

Ashley: [frown] Surely a wealthy business man would want his name to be attached to your cause if you weren’t doing anything illegal.

General Stillman: Try not to hurt yourself thinking too much about topics that you aren’t able to understand. Leave that to the professionals. All you need to worry about is looking pretty for whichever man is stuck with you.

Greyson: [looks uncomfortable] General… maybe we should leave… topics of gender…

Ashley: Completely off the table since my gender has nothing to do with my ability to understand and evaluate the political climate.

General Stillman: Do you know what the stupidest creature is?

Ashley opens her mouth to answer. Greyson interrupts before she can.

Greyson: That’s all the time we have left. After the commercial break we will be discussing the new romance movie that is causing a stir in the box offices. Stay Tune.

Video cuts to commercial.

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