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Christmas 2044

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is just around the corner. Children are waiting in long lines for Santa. Parents are rushing to get gifts wrapped. Trees are decorated. Lights are hung.

In 2044, with the economy still recovering, how does Christmas look in the American States?

Christmas is still a celebrated holiday just not as grand as now. For one, many stores and shops don’t have a visiting Santa. Trees, if homes have them, are small and often half dead. Decorations are almost always homemade without the lights and fancy bulbs.

Now instead of piles of gifts under the tree, children are given smaller toys, food, and clothes. It’s a time for families to enjoy being together. It is a few rare days off school for the children.

New songs have been written, celebrating peace and happiness. A few even sing about peace between the species.

Like the holiday celebrated today, the spirit of Christmas is still there, even if it is only in smaller scales.

So, whether you are spending the day with family and families, if you are baking cookies and hanging mistletoe, if you are wrapping gifts and standing in long lines, remember what Christmas could be like, and would be like for the families in the Bound in Blood and Shadows 2044 world. Spread a little cheer, and give thanks for all that we have.

And have a happy and safe holiday!

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