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Kingdom Spotlight: Sidrea

In 2027 Senator Therner posed a way to save the crumbling USA from crashing. This method as to sell off states. Two years later, on December 1, 2029, the Therner Plan went into effect.

Before Double-Edged War, the United States sold pieces of land to other countries. Alaska to Canada. Hawaii to Japan. On December 5, 2033 Oregon went up for sale. But unlike the other sales, this one didn’t sell quick. In fact, it too two years for Oregon to be sold. During which Washington and California referendum and secedes from the States.

October 12, 2035 will forever be a big day in history when Oregon finally sells. But not to another country, but to another species. This sale will lead to the ever-changing world. It starts the rise of the supernaturals.

But what changes are made in Oregon from its sale in 2035 to the current Double-Edged War year in 2044?

First was the name change. On December 28, 2035 the state was renamed Sidrea. This is a vampiric word that means Freedom. The vampires live the closest to the humans with many of their laws being the same and their life style. They live in communities and towns, send their children to schools and many hold jobs.

This Kingdom-State is run by King Raheem. He has a hire, Prince Aldis, and two daughters. Princess Engla and Princess Macyn. They live in a renovated hotel that has been turned into a palace.

The King and his Son both want their people to live in peace. They welcome anyone into the Kingdom-State so long as they are following the rules and don’t harm anyone. Prince Aldis was the driving force toward peace between the kingdoms and the American States.

You will see a lot of the Kingdom-State of Sidrea in the upcoming novels, but also you’ll travel to others. Come visit the blog to find out about more of these states.

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