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Happy Halloween 2044!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween used to be a Celtic festival of Samhain where people danced around a large bonfire in costume to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. This night fell in the cooler season when summer ended and darkness came sooner. People believed the land of the living and the land of the dead were closer than ever.

In 1000 A.D. the church marked November 1 All Souls’ Day in honor the dead. This day was celebrated similar to Samhain with large fires, parades and people dressing up as saints, angels and devils. This celebration was also called All-hallows and the night before the large celebration began to be called All-Hallows Eve and then finally Halloween.

Today in America, Halloween is a time to dress up. Decorate our houses and trick or treat for candy.

But what about the future? What would Halloween look like in 2044 in the Bound in Blood and Shadows world?

With the war and the economic crash many people don’t have the money for the traditional ‘Trick or Treating’. This handing out free candy concept has been taken over by the wealthy and the lower classes are left celebrating another way.

Some towns hold parties at local churches, using donations to supply apples and other light snacks to those wanting to attend and celebrate lost lives or in some cases ‘cleansings’ and ‘prayers’ to keep away the evil supernaturals.

There are still kids who go out and do the ‘Trick’ part of Trick or Treating. Brave kids from the west coast often attempt to cross over the borders to try and sneak a peak at a real ‘monster’.

Other people see this day as a day were monsters come to play, so they hide in their houses and don’t come out.

With the revelation of supernatural beings, the costume designs changed, much like how we now wonder if dressing up from one culture would be seen as racist, the same would be true about dressing as a witch or vampire.

As for the supernaturals? Halloween is seen as a time for them to celebrate their culture and heritage. They hold parties as a reminder of a time when their existence was seen as fiction. Taking us back to its roots, with Samhain celebrations, and rejoicing!

Today, Halloween 2018, America begins to set up for this billion-dollar holiday as early as July in some stores and by August most are in the full spirit. In 2044 though, there is little decorating done.

We love the controlled horror of it all, ghosts and zombies that don’t pose a threat, but in a world where such creatures are real? Some changes would need to be made, and perhaps the holiday would come full circle and fall back into its old roots.

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