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Music is everywhere. It speaks to people in multiple ways. A happy, upbeat song can chase away a sour mood. A sad one can make you cry. No matter who you are, you likely have that one song that speaks volumes.

As a writer, songs speak a little different. While inside a character’s head, you find yourself hearing songs in a new light. They speak of character’s past, their struggles, their hopes and dreams, their fears.

If you are able to ask your favorite author what song belongs to one of their characters, I bet many of them can tell you at least one.

Bound in Blood and Shadows is no different. Even though we only have one book published, and two in editing stages, we have a list of songs that relate to future books and characters that will show up later. But, we also have three songs that we hear and instantly think of Kaelin and Endymion.

The first song, 1-800-273-8255, by Logic reminds us of Kaelin. If you’ve read Double Edged War: Taking Flight, you know the struggles that Kaelin has gone through. When we first heard this song, it made us think of those struggles, not only for Kaelin, but for the countless others out there who struggle in real life. One of our mid-chapter pieces was just that 800 number, the Suicide hotline, because no one should ever feel like there isn’t help out there for them.

The next song, If I told you, by Jason Walker reminds us of Endymion. For the longest time we couldn’t find that one song that said Endymion. The trouble with Endymion is how bottled up he keeps his emotions and how guarded he is. The first time hearing this song made us pause and then re-listen. It fits perfect what he feels, what he doesn’t say… it was practically written for him.

The last song that goes with Double-Edged War, Hold On, by Chord Overstreet is a song about Kaelin and Endymion’s relationship, and about a later part of the Double-Edged War story. The song is sad and beautiful and even if they don’t say these things to each other, the lyrics are what both are feeling.

To hear these songs, and the others that relate to the Bound in Blood and Shadows series. Visit the Soundtrack. You’ll find more songs, but until the story that relates to the song is published, you will just have to guess their meaning.

Happy Listening!

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