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Interview - Aspen

Monday, May 16, 2044 Washington, D.C – Set of Brighter Tomorrow

Two cream loveseats sit facing each other, separated by a small glass coffee table. A live audience waits expectantly. Ashley Cohen is in a slim-fitting green sheathe dress with a sedate gold belt. Beside her, Grayson Carter sits in a blue pinstriped suit. The camera is focused on them.

Off camera, a young man sits at the edge of the second loveseat. His back is straight and he sits in the American figure four, one ankle resting on the other knee. He is smiling politely.

Ashley: Good Evening, thank you for joining us. We have a very special program for you tonight. Coming to us all the way from Liri, Prince Aspen has agreed to discuss the rising tensions between the dragons and the First United Troop of Utah, as well as their thoughts on the Co-Existence Project.

Grayson interrupts.

Grayson: Or as some have taken to calling it, thinning the population.

Ashley gives Grayson a disapproving look. Off-screen, the young blonde man frowns.

Ashley: And later in the evening, we have General Stillman joining us to discuss the role of the First United Troop of Utah and the allegations made by the American military that a state militia has no authority to operate internationally.

The camera zooms out. The audience claps politely as the young blonde man comes into camera.

Ashley: Thank you for taking to the time to fly out to meet us, Prince Aspen. How are you this evening?

Aspen: I’m doing well, but please, just Aspen. Prince makes me sound like a stuffed shirt. [