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Writer or Serial Killer?

One of the hardest, or best, depending on who you ask, parts of writing is research. Every good writer knows you must at least sound like you know the topic you are writing about. If your character is into music, then you, as the author, must know at least a little bit about music.

Which is why most authors Google, everything.

Some, common questions like:

- When was Frank Sinatra born?

- What year did _____ happen?

- What were the clothes like in ____ time period?

- What type of food would you find in an Italian restaurant?

- How do you say ______ in French?

And then you get into the questions and searches that make you wonder how many FBI agents are monitoring you.

Questions like:

- How do you hot wire a car? (Oh look a video!)

- How do you get blood from tile?

- Types of Torture Devices?

- Sex toys of the 1800s

- How much do slaves sell for? (Search results too wide)

- How much do female slaves sell for? (Why are the results still too big?)

- How much do female sex slaves sell for in 2006?

- Cute blonde boys