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After a civil war twenty years earlier decimated the United States economy, the crumbling nation has enough to deal with. So, when the King of a hidden people steps into the light and the monsters of legend turn out to be more than a myth, the disintegrating nation is presented with a whole new set of issues.


Prince Endymion wants to get away. Away from the father who abandoned him as a child. Away from the new Kingdom-State he thought could make everything better. So when his cousin Prince Aldis, heir to the throne, assigns him to the Human Transfer Program, a part of the Coexistence Project, it’s just one more obstacle to fleeing.


But peace is never as easy as war. One misstep could send the two nations spiraling into a conflict that the no-longer-united States might not survive.


Bound in Blood and Shadows Chronicles

Ruins of War Series

Book One


** Want to see the other side purchase Double-Edged War: Taking Flight**


** Want to see both sides? Purchase them as a bundle and save!**

Double-Edged War: Holding Ground (Signed Copy)

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