Important People

Double-Edged War

Brink in War



Aldis Illian Mydinn

Gender: Male
Race: Vampire (Born)
Homeland: New York
Current Location: Mydinn, Sidrea
Hair Color: Dark Natural Blonde (Dirty Blonde)
Hair Style: Medium, Sleeked back
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5”11’
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Medium
Age: Almost Eighteen (107) – March 19, 1937
Clothing: Expensive designer clothes, though they need to be casual unless representing his kingdom.
Personality: The Prince of Sidrea, and the future King, Aldis is one of the leading royals for The Co-Existence Project. Though busy and hardly able to finish his final year of school, Aldis wants to help anywhere he can. He is kind hearted and easy to get along with.  
First Appearance: Double-Edged War



Aspen Flint Adar

Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Homeland: The Alps 
Current Location: Liri
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Hair Style: Short, styled messy
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Height: 6"2'
Build: Swimmer's Build
Skin Tone: Copper
Age: 17 - November 12, 1812
Second Form: Large Blue and White Dragon
Clothing: Elegant and Expensive, normally in blues, silver and whites
Personality: Likes to joke around with family and friends but is generally just easy going around strangers. Doesn’t get as serious as Keahi.
First Appearance: Brink of War



Endymion Ilan Amor

Gender: Male
Race: Vampire (Born)
Homeland: New York
Current Location: Mydinn, Sidrea
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: short, worn spiked up most of the time
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6"0'
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Medium
Age: 17 (105) - February 7, 1939
Clothing: Dark Jeans and a nice button down
Personality: Endymion is very distant from people. He keeps to himself and attempts to push those away who attempt to get too close. Though he keeps himself distant he has a caring heart that he tends to show when others aren't watching. 
First Appearance: Double-Edged War



Irena May Stillman 

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Homeland: Salt Lake City, Utah
Current Location: Moab, Utah
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Long and wazy
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5"6'
Build: Average, little on the thin side
Skin Tone: Medium
Age:  16 - September 3, 2027
Clothing: Jeans and pull over shirts, she doesn't dress down but she doesn't make a big deal of her outfits either
Personality: Quiet at school, most of the other kids keep their distance, but very out spoken when she needs to be. Is against the war going on and her father's involment in it. 
First Appearance: Brink in War



Kaelin  Roan Arlenton

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Dextor, Michigan
Current Location: McDermitt, Nevada
Hair Color: Dark blonde with copper highlights
Hair Style: soft curls that fall between his chin and shoulder
Eye Color: Gold-specked with brown
Height: 5"11'
Build:  Slender, like a runner
Skin Tone: Warm rosey
Age:  16, almost 17 - July 15, 2027
Clothing: inexpensive, old, ratty - typically jeans and a plain T-shirt, usually in darker colors, sometimes with a second-hand jacker
Personality: Kaelin is a foster child. He tends to be reserved, but has a hot temper if pushed. He is very intelligent, though his grades rarely reflect that as he misses class often to care for his sick foster sister.
First Appearance: Double-Edged War



Keahi Alexander Adar

Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Homeland: The Alps
Current Location: Liri
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short, normally styled, though sometimes kept messy
Eye Color: Blue, like a topaz gem
Height: 6"1'
Build: Fit
Skin Tone: Medium 
Age: 17 (232) - November 6, 1812

Second Form: Large, dark green dragon
Clothing: Form fitting, something easy to fight in. Usually Earth tones
Personality: Keahi is the general in the Liri army. Wanting peace and the species to get along, Keahi struggles to find a peaceful end to the war.
First Appearance: Brink of War



Kiana Abeline Emeris

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Homeland: Detroit, Michigan
Current Location: McDermitt, Nevada
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Medium-Long Soft Ringlets
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4"3'
Build: Very thin
Skin Tone: Porcelain
Age: Six - Almost Seven - June 18, 2037 
Clothing: Baggy, second hand, favorite outfit is her pink dress with her too big Mary Jane shoes
Personality: Shy, Sweet, and Quiet
First Appearance: Double-Edged War



Sam Michael Fowler

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: McDermitt, Nevada
Current Location: McDermitt, Nevada
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short, perfectly styled, doesn't like a hair out of place
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 4"8'
Build: Little underweight
Skin Tone: Medium 
Age:  Nine - November 23, 2034
Clothing: worn out clothes, jeans and plain t-shirts
Personality: Speaks his mind, but would rather be playing video games, ton of energy and loves food
First Appearance: Double-Edged War